Project Controls Development and Implementation

Every capital project has a unique set of conditions and a staff of people with unique sets of experiences. The result is that no two jobs can be organized exactly the same. However, there are certain activities that must be carried out regardless of the project conditions and the varied experience of the participants. The overall rate of success of an organization’s projects depends on its ability to capture and repeat the processes that make its projects successful and eliminate those that do not. Alpha 3 develops and delivers business processes for its clients to better control and manage the design, procurement and construction of capital projects.

Our project controls services include the development, management, and review of critical path method schedules, implementation of work breakdown structures, and earned-value management. We provide services and training based on industry best practices, including the AACEI TCM Framework and Recommended Practices, ANSI/EIA 748, and PMBOK.

We can work with an individual project team or develop enterprise-wide improvements. In either case, Alpha 3 works with its clients to manage their projects successfully; to improve or eliminate processes that increase risk; and to capture and repeat processes that reduce risk. There are many project management systems available and many software packages that support those systems. However, software doesn’t manage projects; people do. Implementing software packages has training and productivity costs that may far exceed licensing fees. Alpha 3 advises its clients on implementing systems that generate high-quality output and produce measurable results for users. Alpha 3 focuses its clients on the areas that create the greatest risk of impacting project quality or leading to cost or schedule overruns. Those areas are then managed with consistent attention to ensure that projects are on the right track.

Committed to Excellence

Alpha 3 is committed to excellence in capital project controls. Our consultants draw on years of education, experience, and practical knowledge, and we pride ourselves on delivering successful projects. From the early stages of project planning and development to successful project completion, Alpha 3 not only employs best practices, we help our clients define best practices. We have succeeded when our clients lead their industries in successful capital project execution.