Dickerson Generating Station Outages

Dickerson Unit 1 HP Generator Rotor

Dickerson Unit 1 HP Generator Rotor

Alpha 3 provided outage scheduling services for overhauls on the three 182-MW coal-fired units at the Dickerson Generating Station. Major overhauls were completed on Units 1 and 3 and a minor overhaul was completed on Unit 2.

Outage scope included boiler waterwall, superheater, and reheater tube repairs and replacements, burner repairs, steam turbine overhauls, generator field rewinds, and pulverizer overhauls. Alpha 3 provided baseline schedule preparation and updating, schedule review, contractor coordination, and outage scheduling training to plant personnel. Alpha 3 continues to provide consulting and management services for maintenance and capital project execution with a focus on experienced supervision and best-practice cost and schedule control.