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We are a small woman-owned business focused on delivering management and technical services to organizations that own operate or develop infrastructure assets.

Engineering & Design

Alpha 3 provides engineering and design services for capital and maintenance projects in the electric utility, power generation, process, and industrial markets.

Project Management & Control

Our services are tailored to help each client to better manage and control the design, procurement, and construction of projects.

Construction Management

We provide bidding management and support, construction management, field engineering support, and commissioning management services.

Procurement & Business Support

We provide business and administrative support including purchasing, cost control, and document control.

News & Ideas

CPM scheduling example

As the engineering and construction industry implemen

Alpha 3 Engineer Nagaraj TS

Nagaraj TS is an Electrical Engineer who has been with Alpha 3 since 2018.

Portal North Bridge - photo via Credit Amtrak Media

The Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C. and Boston, MA is the busiest segment of the nation’s intercity passenger rail transportation system.

Renewable energy sources

Integrating sources of renewable energy is no longer a nice to have, it’s a requirement.

Alpha 3 Discipline Specialist Wynne Walper

Wynne Walper is a Discipline Specialist at Alpha 3 who was hired in 2019.