Dispute Resolution

The successful completion of a complex project requires the timely resolution of technical and contractual issues. Resolving issues related to changes in the scope of work or execution conditions is one of the most challenging aspects of project management for owners and contractors alike.

Whether issues are resolved through the change order process or become disputed, it is paramount to establish and evaluate the cause, effect, and resultant injury. From the contractor’s perspective in putting forth a change order request, request for equitable adjustment, or claim, establishment of these links is critical to justifying recovery of costs. From the owner’s perspective, analysis of the project may identify other issues that support the defense of a claim that is unjustified in whole or in part.

Alpha 3's Technical Society Participation

Alpha 3 is experienced with the latest techniques for the analysis of project impacts. Through our participation in two international technical societies—AACE International and PMI’s College of Scheduling—Alpha 3 has contributed to published recommended practices for performing these analyses.

Complex Technical Issue Expertise

We can present the results of our findings with authority and are experienced in testimony and support in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation forums. When disputes involve complex technical issues, you need an expert that can prepare an authoritative evaluation and present it clearly. Alpha 3 frequently works with specialty consultants to evaluate specific technical issues, especially when disputed costs are due largely to an underlying technical dispute. When a dispute requires advanced technical support, Alpha 3 can recommend and retain additional technical expertise. We have worked with architects and engineers with specialized dispute resolution experience in soils and foundations, building envelope, electrical design, and mechanical design. When the result of your dispute hinges on which side has the correct technical interpretation, let it be yours.

Our experts are not merely observers, but remain active participants in the construction industry with current experience in industries including commercial, government, power, and transportation. We provide contract formation and administrative services, project management, construction management, CPM scheduling, and cost consulting services to owners and contractors.

Alpha 3 is often called upon to evaluate damaged properties and prepare estimates of repair or replacement costs. When facilities are damaged by construction activities, fire, or flooding, the cost of repair or replacement may become a subject of dispute. We have assessed damages and prepared estimates to facilitate settlement.

Alpha 3's Completed Dispute Resolution Analysis Assignments

  • Project Delays / Liquidated Damages
  • Lost Productivity
  • Acceleration
  • Labor/Material Escalation
  • Disputed Change Orders
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Third-Party/Utility Delays
  • Surety Takeover
  • Unpaid Contract Balance
  • Contract Termination
  • Facility Damage
  • Professional Standard of Care

Professional Service and Commitment to Dispute Resolution

On all project types, we provide the same high level of services and commitment to resolving our clients’ disputes. Alpha3’s dispute resolution services are driven by our desire to resolve disputes in an expedited and cost-effective manner, while applying state-of-the-art analysis techniques and maintaining the highest standard of professionalism.