Altran Solutions

Altran Solutions brings together the right combination of a strong, well-rounded engineering and scientific team with a state-of-the-art Materials Science & Engineering Center in the work they do. Integrating the material and physical aspects of a problem into the solutions has earned Altran Solutions a worldwide reputation.
Their interdisciplinary team of professionals — in electrical, instrumentation & control, mechanical, civil/structural, engineering and design, materials science and microbiology — is committed to helping their customers understand the most complex technical and engineering challenges in their industry.
While some of their competitors may focus on a single view of the problem, Altran Solutions looks at the situation from multiple perspectives. They incorporate their innovative insights and technological ingenuity in every project they undertake. And, their industry collaborations along with client research help them provide a solution that not only satisfies the demands of their client's business but also the needs of their customers.