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Alpha 3 Engineer Nagaraj TS
Jun 03, 2022

Nagaraj TS is an Electrical Engineer who has been with Alpha 3 since 2018. He is highly educated, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VTU India, an MBA in Project Management from Manipal University India, and is currently pursuing an online Master's Degree from CU Boulder University in Next Generation Power and Energy System.

He has twelve years of progressive work experience in the field of substation engineering, protection & control systems, automation, and system studies. Nagaraj started his career in 2009, playing an integral role in designing and executing many protection controls projects for Indian state electrical utilities. He also worked on Indian national power grid projects, primarily designing Greenfield electrical substations. 

Since coming to America, settling in Maryland, and working for Alpha 3, Nagaraj has been responsible for executing a significant number of design and construction projects related to protection, control, and revitalization of substation facilities. Examples of his work include replacing oil circuit breakers with smaller footprint SF6 gas circuit breaker, replacing the aging/failed power transformers with higher MVA rated modern transformers, converting urban air-insulated substations to gas-insulated substations to meet the growing demand for electrical power in densely populated regions (such as Washington DC), and conserving the expensive valuable land for future augmentation. He's also revitalizing old substations and upgrading their technologies with modern fire protection, HVAC, and video security monitoring based on NERC, NFPA, and ASHRAE codes.

Outside of work, Nagraj loves to hang out with family and friends. His wife and son are his biggest supporters. He cherishes playing with his son and one day hopes to travel with his family. He's fascinated by music systems and home theater and is proud to have completed six home theater installation projects for friends with the proper vision and sound calibration. Advanced technology with regards to power and energy has always been an interest of Nagaraj's, so during his free time, he enjoys reading about renewable and sustainable energy and its integration into the power system.